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Prolog lecture notes, courses, tutorials, references, guides and online books. All of these are published at the Prolog Directory , allowing quick access and accurate search.

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Title Author Description
Adventure In Prolog AMZI Complete Prolog book, covering the language extensively. The following topics are covered : Logic Programming , Jargon ,Facts, Simple Queries , How Queries Work ,Compound Queries ,Built-in Predicates ,Rules ,Arithmetic ,Managing Data ,Recursion, Pragmatics , Data Structures ,Unification , Lists ,Operators , Cut ,Control Structures ,Recursive Control Loop ,Tail Recursion ,Natural Language ,Difference Lists , Natural Language Front End , Definite Clause Grammar, Reading Sentences , Exercises ,Appendix
Building Expert Systems In Prolog AMZI This book is designed to teach you how to build expert systems from the inside out. It presents the various features used in expert systems, shows how to implement them in Prolog, and how to use them to solve problems.The code presented in this book is a foundation from which many types of expert systems can be built. It can be modified and tuned for particular applications. It can be used for rapid prototyping. It can be used as an educational laboratory for experimenting with expert system concepts.
Prolog Programming A First Course Paul Brna The course for which these notes are designed is intended for undergraduate students who have some programming experience and may even have written a few programs in Prolog. They are not assumed to have had any formal course in either propositional or predicate logic. At the end of the course, the students should have enough familiarity with Prolog to be able to pursue any undergraduate course which makes use of Prolog. The original function was to provide students studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) with an intensive introduction to Prolog so, inevitably, there is a slight bias towards AI.