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Perl lecture notes, courses, tutorials, references, guides and online books. All of these are published at the Perl Directory , allowing quick access and accurate search.

Perl Directory

Title Author Description
Perl 5 Documentation

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Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington This is the complete Perl 5.005 documentation. It contains everything you need to know about using Perl
HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide

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Rex Swain's This is an HTMLified version of the Perl 5 Desktop Reference
Picking up Perl

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Bradly M. Kuhn A complete Perl tutorial, with all of the following topics: Expressions, Statements, and Side-Effects ,Working with Scalars , Strings , Single-quoted Strings , Special Characters in Single-quoted Strings , Newlines in Single-quoted Strings , A Digression--The print Function , Double-quoted Strings , Interpolation in Double-quoted Strings , Characters Requiring Special Consideration Numbers , Numeric Literals , Printing Numeric Literals , Scalar Variables , Scalar Interpolation , Undefined Variables , Operators , Numerical Operators , Comparison Operators , Auto-Increment and Decrement , String Operators , Assignment with Operators , Output of Scalar Data , Special Variables , Summary of Scalar Operators , Arrays , The Semantics of Arrays , List Literals , Array Variables , Array Variables , Associated Scalars , Manipulating Arrays and Lists , It Slices! , Functions , Arrays as Stacks , Arrays as Queues , The Context--List vs. Scalar , Array Interpolation , Control Structures , Blocks , A Digression--Truth Values , The if/unless Structures m The while/until Structures , The do while/until Structures , The for Structure , The foreach Structure , Associative Arrays (Hashes) , Variables , Literals , Functions , Keys and Values , Each , Slices , Context Considerations , Regular Expressions , The Simple , Simple Characters , The * Special Character , The . Character , The | Character , Grouping with ()s , The Anchor Characters , Pattern Matching , Regular Expression Shortcuts , Subroutines , Defining Subroutines , Returning Values , Using Arguments ,Background of Perl , A Brief History of Perl and Perl as a Natural Language
Perl for Win32 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Evangelo Prodromou This is a huge FAQ for using Perl under any modern Microsoft Windows operating system.
Perl for Perl Newbies

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Shlomi Fish This is a large tutorial that covers everything you need to know about Perl