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Title Author Description
Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques Rick Parent This document surveys computational approaches for producing computer animation. It is intended as a text for advanced undergraduates or for graduates. It is also useful for computer graphics programmers who want to learn the basics of computer animation programming. It does not address production issues in the actual commercial exercise of producing a finished piece of animation. Nor does it address the issue of computer-assisted animation which primarily deals with multiple 2D planes. This document concentrates on full 3D computer animation and identifies the useful algorithms and techniques to move objects in interesting ways

Title Author Description
Computer Graphics CMSC 427 Dave Mount A great book on computer graphics (147 pages). The book covers the following topics : Introduction, Graphics Systems and Models, OpenGL Glut, OpenGL Drawing and Viewports, OpenGL Transformations, Geometry and Geometric Programming, Coordinate Frames and Homogeneous Coordinates, Affine Transformations, More Geometric Operators, 3-D Viewing and Orthogonal Projections, Lighting and Shading, The Phong Reflection Model, Texture Mapping, Bump and Environment Mapping, Solid Modeling, Bezier Curves, Bezier Surfaces and B-splines, Ray Tracing, Ray Intersections, Scan Conversion, Scan Conversion for Polygons, Hidden Surface Removal, Light and Color, X Window System, Ray Polyhedron Intersection, Scan Conversion for Circles, Cohen-Sutherland Line Clipping, Halftone Approximation, 3-D Rotation and Quaternions, Radiosity