Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques

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This is a rough draft of my class notes on computer animation. It does contain typos and some mistakes, so 'buyer beware'. I've had this up on the web for some time and had hoped that when people saw it, they would contribute links or other information that would make this truly a web-book. This never really happened, so it looks like I'm going to bite the bullet and actually make this into a 'real' book. As a result I haven't been concerned with correcting these notes or updating them.

The book incorporates most of the information here as well as a bunch more. The book offers additional electronic information in the form of web pages. The book is published by Morgan-Kaufmann.

Rick Parent, Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques, Morgan-Kaufmann, 2001.

Interested readers might also take a look at my resource page which has a lot of links to information related to computer animation (also linked to by www.computeranimation.org).

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