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Ada lecture notes, courses, tutorials, references, guides and online books. All of these are published at the Ada Directory , allowing quick access and accurate search.

Ada Directory

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David A. Wheeler This tutorial explains the basics of the Ada 95 computer programming language; it assumes that you have had some exposure to other programming languages such as Pascal, C, C++, or Fortran.
Ada 95 Reference Manual

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Magnus Kempe This is a hypertext version of the revised international standard (ISO/IEC 8652:1995): Information Technology - Programming Languages - Ada.
Ada 95 Rational

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Laurent Guerby This document describes the rationale for Ada 95, the revised International Standard
The Big Online Book Of Linux Ada Programming

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Ken O. Burtch This document covers basic software development on Linux, a review of the core Ada 95 language, and an introduction to designing programs that work with the Linux kernel and standard C libraries. It also covers some of the Ada bindings that exist for packages like Motif, TCL and GTK+.

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Changes To Ada 1987-1995 U.S. Government Complete list of changes on the Ada programming language from 1987 to 1995, official documentation.