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Annex F: Information Systems
-- TOC

This Annex provides a set of facilities relevant to Information Systems programming. These fall into several categories:
See also: 3.5.9, ``Fixed Point Types''; 3.5.10, ``Operations of Fixed Point Types''; 4.6, ``Type Conversions''; 13.3, ``Representation Attributes''; A.10.9, ``Input-Output for Real Types''; B.4, ``Interfacing with COBOL''; B.3, ``Interfacing with C''; Annex G, ``Numerics''.
The character and string handling packages in Annex A, ``Predefined Language Environment'' are also relevant for Information Systems.
Implementation Advice
If COBOL (respectively, C) is widely supported in the target environment, implementations supporting the Information Systems Annex should provide the child package Interfaces.COBOL (respectively, Interfaces.C) specified in Annex B and should support a convention_identifier of COBOL (respectively, C) in the interfacing pragmas (see Annex B), thus allowing Ada programs to interface with programs written in that language.

Clauses and Subclauses

  1. Machine_Radix Attribute Definition Clause
  2. The Package Decimal
  3. Edited Output for Decimal Types -- TOC
    1. Picture String Formation
    2. Edited Output Generation
    3. The Package Text_IO.Editing
    4. The Package Wide_Text_IO.Editing

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