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Annex E: Distributed Systems
-- TOC

This Annex defines facilities for supporting the implementation of distributed systems using multiple partitions working cooperatively as part of a single Ada program.
Post-Compilation Rules
A distributed system is an interconnection of one or more processing nodes (a system resource that has both computational and storage capabilities), and zero or more storage nodes (a system resource that has only storage capabilities, with the storage addressable by one or more processing nodes).
A distributed program comprises one or more partitions that execute independently (except when they communicate) in a distributed system.
The process of mapping the partitions of a program to the nodes in a distributed system is called configuring the partitions of the program.
Implementation Requirements
The implementation shall provide means for explicitly assigning library units to a partition and for the configuring and execution of a program consisting of multiple partitions on a distributed system; the means are implementation defined.
Implementation Permissions
An implementation may require that the set of processing nodes of a distributed system be homogeneous.


Clauses and Subclauses

  1. Partitions
  2. Categorization of Library Units -- TOC
    1. Shared Passive Library Units
    2. Remote Types Library Units
    3. Remote Call Interface Library Units
  3. Consistency of a Distributed System
  4. Remote Subprogram Calls -- TOC
    1. Pragma Asynchronous
    2. Example of Use of a Remote Access-to-Class-Wide Type
  5. Partition Communication Subsystem

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